Joakim Noah 21 Points Full Highlights (12/19/2015)

What happened to Joakim Noah’s scoring this year? This game alone accounts for nearly 20 percent of his output! Did he finally inherit his father’s love of tennis, playing basketball only to pay the bills? Is he secretly lusting after some fair maiden, a maiden unattainable, causing his heart to ache and his play to nosedive? Too many marijuanas? Or have years of injuries finally taken their toll and now he can barely move?

Maybe his hair isn’t floppy enough. Floppy-hair Joakim is way better than man-bun Joakim.

Lots of theories, few answers. We may never know what caused his sudden downfall. All we know is that every Noah dunk (three of them in this video!) should be treated as a precious moment, for we know that any dunk may be his last.

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