Garrett Temple Career High 21 Points Full Highlights (12/19/2015)

I’m pretty sure the Wizards commentators are the least-excited commentators in all of professional sports. I understand that Garrett Temple scoring a career-high largely by undertaking crazy drives to the basket is not that exciting, but you could at least mention the fact that he has never before scored this many points in an NBA-sanctioned game.

If you look at the waveform for the audio track of this video, there’s a lot of flatness going on, which means that nobody is talking. So, not only are these commentators totally bored when talking, they also don’t manage to say anything at all for large stretches of game time. The Wizards were even wearing some swag throwback jerseys and the commentators seemed to think that counting the dots on the basketball would be more exciting.

And I’m pretty sure they didn’t realize that this was a serious retribution game for Temple, as he played for the erstwhile Charlotte Bobcats during the “journeyman” phase of his career. I bet the Charlottes really wish they had kept this dude around.

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