Gary Harris 21 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2015)

After the failure of my #hypedForGaryHarris hashtag and the additional failure of my #whoCaresAboutCourtneyLee hashtag, I have come to the conclusion that the denizens of the internet are simply too stupid to understand the subtle humor yet razor-sharp commentary of a well-crafted hashtag. Either that or they’re totally apathetic to being told what hashtags they should be using on their Twitter twits. In both cases, it’s their fault and not mine. I did everything in my power to get people hyped for Gary Harris through the power of hashtags.

That’s bad timing, too, because hype for Gary Harris is being generated at an unbelievable rate right now. He friggin’ came back from a HYPERXTENDED KNEE and dropped a 21-burger on the Lakers IN THE SAME GAME. If that injury happened to Derrick Rose, first, the whole city of Chicago would spontaneously commit seppuku, but also, Rose would be out for about six weeks and then tell the media how he wanted to be strong for his son.

Screw it. This hashtag is going to work. I’m going to make it work. Say it with me, folks. I am #hypedForGaryHarris . LOUD AND PROUD!!! #HYPEDFORGARYHARRIS

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