J.J. Redick 25 Points Full Highlights (12/26/2015)

Uh, is Ralph Lawler doing okay? His “BINGO”s are getting a little ragged, like he might be becoming mentally unhinged. Usually the “BINGO” is a fun, if slightly annoying, catchphrase said with the enthusiasm of a little boy watching basketball for the first time, but this game Lawler’s voice was almost malicious, like each Redick three-pointer was supposed to be a punishment for the Jazz rather than a success for the Clippers.

Combine that with his slurred voice (has he always had mush mouth or is this a recent thing?) and his advanced age (77), and I’m starting to worry that he doesn’t have many years left in him. Who will yell “BINGO” into the microphone at high volume after every made three if not Ralph Lawler? And if they do find somebody who is willing to debase themselves in that way, will it even be the same?

No. It will never be the same.

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