Wayne Ellington 26 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/28/2015)

Wayne “Beefy W” Ellington has not been as advertised with the Brooklyn Nets. Not really a surprise; he’s not that good of a player even on his best days and in a perfect situation. The Nets had the right idea getting a 3-point chucking guard for cheap, but in their endless quagmire of suckiness, it turns out that they kind of limited Beef W’s production, causing him to shoot barely over 30 percent from deep.

I had a serious blast of nostalgia while compiling these highlights. Some of my earliest videos are of Beefy W scoring a bunch of points and making it Wayne while with the Grizzlies, which really makes me feel old. That was already three years ago? Where has the time gone?

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