Boban Marjanovic 17 Points Full Highlights (12/28/2015)

Every time I watch Boban Marjanovic play it just blows my mind how much of him there is. Every aspect of him is huge. In a league where giants are the norm, he makes everyone he plays against look like a point guard. It’s insane. And when he went to give some dap to Kawhi Leonard, who has huge hands himself, Boban’s hands totally enveloped Kawhi’s. It leads me to wonder how he manages to hold the ball without deflating it.

I also wonder what it’s like for the opposing team. Is it like when I go to the gym and I end up playing against someone who’s over 6’4″? Just standing there while a gargantuan mountain-man towers over me and scores at will, while I’m powerless to do anything except weakly kick his ankles. It’s not fun.

Not saying that Boban isn’t fun. He is. He’s probably the most fun player in the league right now, as evidenced by the amount of love that he gets in every arena around the country.

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