Jordan Clarkson 24 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2015)

That’s lame. Kobe Bryant’s last game at the Garden and he’s not even the leading scorer on his own team? It took him eighteen shots to get his fifteen points so it would only take him 29 shots to score 25, which is one more than Clarkson scored. That amount of shots is well within Kobe’s reach. If you’re Kobe, all you have to do is tell Randle and Hibbert never to shoot it (which is probably in their best interests at this point), and maybe yell at them a little bit, and then you get all the shots you want.

I am disgusted by this. Jordan Clarkson has no place outscoring Kobe in such a monumental game. So what if he’s better than Kobe at this point in their respective careers and that he’s the single reason that his team won the game? There’s something called “respect” and, if you asked Clarkson what that meant, his definition would be “to spect again.” The post-game locker room probably had a lot of yelling in it.

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