Nerlens Noel 20 Points/7 Dunks Full Highlights (12/30/2015)

Ish Smith and Nerlens Noel: best chemistry in the NBA? Let’s look at the facts:

-Nerlens has scored fourteen, eighteen, and now twenty in the three games Ish has been on the 76ers this year
-So many lobs
-The 76ers gave away their most prized asset (second round picks) just to reunite Ish and Nerlens because none of the other PG’s on the roster could throw lobs
-I have photos of Nerlens and Ish playing laser tag, just the two of them in the whole big place, I’m so jealous
-Nerlens will sometimes let Ish rub his face against’ Nerlens’ pillar of hair
-Just watch the video already

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