Trey Burke 23 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2015)

I was perhaps a little too quick to dismiss Trey Burke after his dismal sophomore season in the league, where he shot 37% from the field (shades of Brandon Jennings) and dimed the ball four times a game in thirty minutes per contest. In fairness, though, those numbers suck. Bad. Combine that with my tendency to overreact to small sample sizes of 82 games, and I pretty much trashed him every time I got a chance last year.

Burke still sort of sucks, and his assist numbers have actually declined, but he is now officially a decent shooter both from inside and outside the arc. If he’s doing that by isoing every possession like you can see in this video, then good for him, he’s turning into a pretty good iso scorer. A kind of Isaiah Thomas 0.8 if you add an inch and take away any semblance of playmaking ability. If you play him next to Raul Neto you give up some some size but you gain…well, I don’t know what you gain. Nothing, probably. Sorry Jazz fans.

Unrelated: when does Dante Exum come back? Asking for a friend.

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