Kyle Anderson 13 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2016)

How is it fair that the Spurs get to have Kyle Anderson? It’s not fair to other teams and it’s not fair to the fans. Diehard Slo-Mo fans like myself never get to see him play because his team is so stacked. And other teams’ GMs have to deal with the fact that the Spurs are so stacked that a generational, positionless talent like Anderson is being brought along slowly when he could be getting 20 MPG on a mid-lottery team like their own.

By “other team’s GMs” I mean Bucks GM John Hammond, and by “20 MPG” I mean “All PG minutes after we trade MCW”.

Actually, on second thought, I’d rather have a PG who can actually run faster than a trot. Never mind! Spurs fans can keep enjoying Slo-Mo’s slow drives to the basket and slow jumpers and I’ll just watch with jealousy from afar.

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