Donald Sloan 15 Points/10 Assists/1 Crossover Dunk Full Highlights (1/9/2016)

The thing you have to remember about Donald Sloan is that he once scored 31 points in an NBA game. Not a D-League game either. A real life NBA game against real life NBA opposition. Is that the most anomalous scoring performance of the last two years? It’s gotta be close; Sloan regularly scores in the mid teens, so him scoring thirty is like Curry scoring seventy.

Now that we have determined that Sloan can be a competent backup PG if given the chance, I’m wondering why he hasn’t overtaken frickin’ Shane Larkin of all people for the starting spot in Brooklyn. At no point in Larkin’s tragic career has he shown the ability to accumulate large amounts of points and assists like Sloan has.

I’m thinking it’s because Sloan looks like a Raymond Felton/Dion Waiters hybrid, and a combination of those two players would theoretically be the most awfulest awful player ever.

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