Raul Neto 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/9/2016)

Raul “Neato” Neto has decided to ditch the clean-shaven look, which made him look like a small child, in favor of a bearded look which makes him look like Ricky Rubio. The change is striking. Since he now looks like he could be a famous actor, he’s probably getting a lot of attention from repressed Mormon girls looking for something a little exotic. Sometimes they get tired of sharing their husband with ten other women. A spicy Brazilian boy-toy can certainly relieve that ennui.

I can’t say that the beard has upped Neto’s quality of play, though. He is still, by default, the second-worst starting point guard in the league (Shane Larkin says hello). It’s not his fault though. He was signed to be a third-stringer prospect type. It’s like two years ago when the Jazz were trotting out a John Lucas III/Jamaal Tinsley PG rotation because of injuries. I’d say the Neto/Burke tandem is a significant improvement over that.

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