Ryan Anderson 32 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2016)

This video is pretty good. Great, even. Features lots of sweet Ryan Anderson buckets. Step backs, threes, a dunk-type-thing, it’s really a nice representation of his game. There’s only one problem.

See that kid sitting on the left baseline, freaking out when Ryno makes a shot? Yeah, that one. He’s a great addition to the video. Adds a bit of humanity to the whole thing. Pathos or something. So how is that a problem, you ask?

We don’t get to see his reaction to Ryno’s buzzer beater and the end of the third! He’s freaking out for run-of-the-mill field goals; imagine his excitement for a fadeaway three as the horn goes off. He probably ran out to center court and started spazzing uncontrollably, at the very least, but we weren’t afforded a camera angle that showed it.

I swear, sometimes, if you want highlights done right, you have to show up at the arena with your own camera and grab your own footage.

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