Stanley Johnson 18 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2016)

DownToBuck’s literary technique of the day: the “cliffhanger”!

A cliffhanger is when you expect to find out the resolution of some perilous/dramatic happening, but the author stops writing before the point where you would find out, and never ends up telling you. Talk about getting cock-blocked! Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? When I read something, I want resolution at the end.

I decided to try it out for this video. Not with any of Stanley Johnson’s shots, though. Those are all there, in full, because that’s what this channel is about, FULL highlights. No, instead, I cut off Isaiah Canaan’s three-point attempt near the end of the game before it bricked/swished. You will never know how that shot turned out. Did he make it? Did he miss it? Did Andrew Bynum come back to life and dunk it in? You will never know, and not only that, you CAN’T know. It will remain unresolved in your mind for all eternity.

Cliffhangers are kind of a bitch, aren’t they?

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