Austin Rivers 17 Points Full Highlights (1/29/2016)

You can say all the mean things about Austin Rivers that you want (there are a lot of them, and I myself have said quite a few of them), but at least he doesn’t punch out equipment managers, unlike a certain other unnamed Clipper whose name rhymes with rake. Or, if he does punch out equipment managers, he doesn’t break his hand while doing it. And, judging by this video which includes a dunk, Austin is dunking it just as good, if not better than, that other guy whose name we’re not going to say but his last name sounds like a mythical creature.

Austin has been playing well enough (not “good”, just “well enough”) that he can probably stick around in the league for a few years even if it’s not on a team being run (…into the ground) by his dad. That’s pretty dang good for the worst rookie of all time.

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