Brandon Jennings 22 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2016)

The time has come to find a new team for Brandon Jennings. The Pistons, it seems, are content to have Reggie Jackson be their PG of the future, and if Brandon stays, he faces a career of languishing on the bench. That cannot be allowed to transpire. With the trade deadline coming up, I’ve figured out some potential destinations for everyone’s favorite Comptonian.

Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell for Jennings, straight up. This works in everyone’s favor: the Lakers wring some value from their bust, and Jennings gets to go back home and play with Kobe before he dies.

Magic trade Shabazz Napier and Aaron Gordon, Pistons trade Jennings and Darrun Hilliard. I actually just want to see Skiles’ head explode when he finds out he has to deal with Jennings again. Also has the advantage for the Pistons of making Hilliard someone else’s problem.

Celtics receive Jennings in exchange for Tommy Heinsohn and a case of Sam Adams Boston Lager. Tommy would provide a jolt of talent to the Pistons’ commentary crew, and the Celtics get the opportunity to stick Jennings in at the point and move Isaiah Thomas back to his natural position of PF.

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