Brook Lopez 33 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2016)

Brook Lopez, snubbed again for the All-Star game. This keeps happening, repeatedly, over and over again, even though he is one of the top centers in the league. The Nets may be in a big market, but it is not helping; they have been a joke for almost the entire duration of Brook’s tenure with them, and he is wasting away in obscurity.

The solution? Trade him for some rebuilding assets! While Brook is undoubtedly talented, he is not a franchise player in any sense. Trade him for someone who is or a pick that may produce someone who is! I’ve already thought this through very carefully, and have come up with some potential fits for him.

Before you say “B…b…but Dee Tee Bee, you did that for your last description!”, just shut up. I don’t care. I’m PISSED that Bropez gets no recognition, so frickin’ pissed that I need to find release in the form of trade scenarios. I’ve also had a little too much to drink, so here we go:

Lopez and Willie Reed for Julius Randle and Roy Hibbert. Julius Randle is a potential franchise player I think, with the way Lakers fans talk about him he must be, right? Hibbert is a center, like Lopez, which makes this trade fair. Lopez gets to play in a big market/play on a team with Kobe on it, and Reed gets to get waived and disappear forever.

Lopez for Pau Gasol. I don’t see any problems with this one, damn, actually this one’s pretty much perfect. Joakim Noah is dead, and Lopez can be his replacement. If they wanted, Jimmy Butler and Brook Lopez could go to that big shiny metallic bean in Chicago and have their picture taken in front of it.

Lopez for Joel Embiid and a gajillion second-round picks or something, I don’t know. Whatever. We’re on an airplane made of dreams, and DownToBuck is your pilot. The fasten-seatbelts sign has been illuminated, prepare for a bit of turbulence!

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