Enes Kanter 23 Points Full Highlights (12/8/2018)

“Uh, Enes? You okay man?”

Enes Kanter looked up at his teammate Courtney Lee with watery eyes. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

“You’ve been staring at your phone, sobbing, for thirty minutes, so I don’t think you’re fine,” Courtney replied. “What’s going on?”

Wordlessly, Enes handed Courtney his phone, then buried his face in his hands and continued to cry. Meanwhile, Courtney looked at the screen of the phone in confusion. “This is just the website for the Utah Jazz cheerleaders. I don’t get it.”

“JESSECA!” Enes wailed, as if uttering her name would release the hold it had on his heart.

Courtney took another look at the phone, where there indeed was a cheerleader named “Jesseca” listed. “She your girlfriend or something?”

“She was,” Enes said as he sniffled back tears and wiped the snot off his nose with the back of his hand. “Until she decide that traitor Rudy is more desired than Enes even though face of Rudy is ugly Frenchman. But still, I loving her…”

“That’s rough,” Courtney replied, looking around the locker room as if searching for a way to escape the conversation. “But that must have been a long time ago. There are other women out there.”

“But none are as pure angel as beloved Jesseca,” Enes said bitterly. “All other women are whore in compare to beautiful goddess cheerleader Jesseca.”

Courtney shrugged. “Maybe she’s not so pure if she dropped you just like that for a teammate.”

“DO NOT TALK BAD THING OF JESSECA!” Enes bellowed, grabbing his phone out of Courtney’s hand. “In heart of mine, only one woman can residing there, and she name is Jesseca.”

“Good luck with that,” Courtney said, considering the conversation to have been a success given that Enes was no longer crying.

When he was finally left alone again, Enes opened the page back up on his phone, to gaze at Jesseca’s picture one more time. “I loving you…” he whispered before closing his eyes in anguish and clutching the phone to his chest.

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