Jae Crowder 24 Points/7 Assists/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/30/2018)

This video ranks right up there in the “performances this season that DTB is extremely unenthusiastic about” rankings. Let me explain why.

First off, nobody really cares about Jae Crowder, since his largest potential fanbase (the residents of Utah) are turned off by certain characteristics Jae possesses in regards to the pigmentation of his skin. That means the view counts for this video are going to be in the cellar unless he gets traded to the Raptors, Lakers, or Knicks.

Second off, seven assists is, to put it bluntly, way too many assists. Even though the quality of passes here is very high, I just can’t get excited about the prospect of Crowder diming his teammates.

Third, my funny idea for a description story was ruined when it turned out this game was played in Charlotte and not in Salt Lake City. The story depended on being set in Utah for its humor. I even started writing the first few sentences only to have to stop and scrap it. So the one thing part of this video that I was enthused about turned out to be a big dud.

Fourth, three-pointers are cool, but they’re all kind of the same. Jae tried to remedy this by hitting one while falling out of bounds, but the point stands.

Fifth, it’s Jae Crowder. No more needs to be said.

Overall, this video is actually the best Jae Crowder video I’ve ever made, and the fact that I’m not even excited about it must say something about Jae as a player. Or it says something about me and my inability to feel positive emotions. Do me a favor and google “Anhedonia” and then tell me if you think I have it.

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