Frank Ntilikina 16 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

After games scoring eighteen and now sixteen points, it appears that Frank Ntilikina has emerged from the other side of the severe slump that he was in. I don’t want to get hyperbolic and call it the return of “VINTAGE NTILIKINA”, because such a construct does not exist, but it should be heartening for Knicks fans that their prized young point guard has shown that he can consistently hit shots in two straight games.

Paradoxically, I’m somewhat disappointed about this turn of events, simply because people from New York don’t deserve to have good things happen to them. Remember, these are the same people, the very same people, who have tried to convince me and the rest of the unwitting American public that oversized, tasteless floppy triangles are the superior kind of pizza. I do not consider such culinary creations to even be “food”, much less “pizza”, much much less “good pizza”. I want Chicago-style thin crust cut into squares. Other types of pizza should be encased in concrete and thrown into the ocean like it’s a bundle of extremely radioactive nuclear fission waste. It may sound like I’m a butthurt midwesterner, but the lies of this impostor pizza have hurt me in the most sensitive part of my soul: the pizza-enjoying part.

I guess, this time, I will allow Knicks fans to be happy about this small stretch of good play from Ntilikina. They need something to be happy about after losing to the Cavaliers.

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