Kris Dunn 24 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2018)

It’s easy to forget that Kris “The Dunnwich Horror” Dunn was the fifth overall pick just two drafts ago. He had a resurgence last year after he got traded to the Bulls, and people started paying attention to him a little bit, but now he’s been injured almost the whole year for when of the least-relevant teams in the league.

This is only his fourth game this season, but it was a doozy. 24 points almost exclusively scored by way of the midrange jumper. The NBA is moving more and more towards excising that type of shot from the arsenal, but Dunn agrees with Gregg Popovich: too many damn threes in this damn league! He plays by his own rules, and I can respect that.

While he agrees with Popovich on some things, he strongly disagreed with Popovich’s pre-game statement “I want the Spurs to win this basketball game”. Somehow the Bulls came back from over 20 points down to win it, with Dunn providing the final 6 points including two ultra-clutch, you guessed it, midrange jumpers. The first one was maybe more of a floater, but it was such a high-arcing one that I think I want to call it a jumper.

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