Kelly Olynyk Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2014)

Kelly Olynyk looked at the instrument with awe. He had imagined something like this only in his wildest fantasms, yet here it was, resplendent in its own glory. It seemed a bit out of place, here, at Kamloops Mega Storage, a far cry from the sun-dappled hillsides which he had imagined, but what did it matter?

His bandmates waited. Moonbeam smiled. “I told you guys he would like it. And, as you know, I am never wrong.”

Kelly walked over to the Moog Modular 55, still hardly daring to believe. He tentatively twiddled a few knobs, hit a few switches. His fingers lightly caressed the keys before ripping into a passage ripe with embellishments. Them, just as suddenly, he stopped.

“If you insist. One last jam.”

Ichabod counted out four with his sticks, and Starcubism jammed again, just as it had in times long past. The chemistry was better than ever; every instrumentalist was tuned in to his comrades in rock, each feeding off the other’s ideas.

They jammed. And jammed. Months of pent-up creativity were being released in the concrete nirvana of Kamloops Mega Storage in the form of instrumental space-influenced prog-rock. Ferguson’s red Ibanez produced ethereal melodies backed by the funky groove of Conrad’s bass. Moonbeam accentuated the madness with his First Nation influences. Above it all, soaring, where the ingenious machinations of the Moog Man himself, Kelly Olynyk, who was manipulating the synthesizer with ease.

The jam built to a head, and then, before anyone had really realized what had happened, it ended.

The rest of the band looked apprehensively at Kelly. Would this be enough to convince to him reform the band? Ichabod walked over to the tape recorder he had hidden in the corner, and got out the tape of the session.

“This one’s definitely going on ‘Visions of Mars – A Cubistic Journey Part Two’.

Kelly bristled. “What do you mean, part two? We’re done. I should never have returned, only to lead you on with false hope. I didn’t come back here to disinter Starcubism from a well-earned grave!” With that, he stormed out.

While the other band member looked concerned, Moonbeam smiled serenely. “Just as last time. He’ll be back.”

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