Gorgui Dieng 20 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (12/23/2014)

The time is now for Gorgui Dieng to step up and take control of the Timberwolves’ center position. Pekovic is out, and Pek sucked so much before his injury that if Gorgui plays well enough, he’ll keep getting to start even after the Balkan Bruiser comes back to the court. The Timberwolves’ season is lost and they might as well try to establish their young players.

I’d say Gorgui is doing a pretty good job manning the fort. His foul rate is down and his percentages are up from last year. He still is grabbing offensive rebounds like his hands are vacuum cleaners that only suck up basketballs. And he’s scoring decently despite not having Ricky Rubio to feed him easy buckets. Did you see that turnaround at the beginning of the video? You could put Bismack Biyombo at point guard at Gorgui would still be able to get that shot. I want more Gorgui ISO’s! Who do I have to tweet to get this to happen?

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