Gorgui Dieng Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2015)

Gorgui Dieng is an impressive player for a guy who wasn’t projected to do a ton on offense, and is only on his second year in the league. Until you realize that he’s already 24 (what’s that I see waving in the distance it looks like a BIG RED FLAG) and might even be older than what his birth certificate actually says.

I have some good sources down in Senegal, including one guy who says he knows a guy who knew Gorgui’s mom. And this guy (the first guy) says that Gorgui is not a day younger than 45. How do I get Woj or somebody to cover this? I feel this is a big thing that has gone unnoticed.

When you take into account that Dieng is actually around 45 years old, his prowess on the basketball court seems not so impressive. He has 20 or more years on his contemporaries! How are they supposed to compete with that kind of savvy?

Someone tweet this to Woj or one of those other Twitter NBA gods.

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