Tim Hardaway Jr. 25 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/24/2015)

The sheen has kind of worn off Tim Hardaway Jr. after his surprisingly successful rookie campaign. He doesn’t really do anything but score, and he doesn’t even do that at an acceptable level. His rebounds and assists are up from last year, true, but only because going lower would have been almost impossible.

Also, it’s never a good thing when Carmelo Anthony calls you out for being a chucker.

Enough negativity. Let’s talk about the positive! Tim scored a bunch of points tonight, 25 if you care about specifics. He also set career-highs in assists (5) and rebounds (only 6????) if you want even more specifics. One of the best games of his career, a game that lives up to the standard set by his father. The Knicks lost despite him, of course, because they trotted out the worst starting five (Lou Amundson Lance Thomas Jason Smith Langston Galloway and our hero, are you serious?) I’ve seen this season, but it was still a good performance.

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