J.J. Barea 21 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2015)

Every time I’m tempted to call J.J. Barea a manlet, which is an almost hourly occurrence, I have to remind myself that he did once dunk a basketball. There is low-quality pregame video evidence proving it. There’s also higher quality video evidence of him easily grabbing the rim. It’s just that his manlet hands are too small to properly palm the ball, otherwise he would dunk in-game all the time.

J.J. Barea can’t even be properly called a manlet because he is probably average height for an American male, and he is definitely taller than the average Mexican (Mexico is where he is from after all.)

Shane Larkin is still a manlet though because I’ve never seen him dunk.

[Correction: there is a video of Shane Larkin dunking. Does YouTube exist only to make me feel bad?]

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