Jared Dudley 19 Points Full Highlights (12/19/2015)

“Dear DTB,

I was happy to see a highlight video of my previous 19-point performance. I know that you can be counted on to cast a light on my notable on-court exploits. However, my happiness quickly soured into curdling disappointment when I saw that my personal letter to you, a letter which whose words were written to be seen by your eyes and your eyes alone, had been posted in full as the description of the video.

My weight issues should not be broadcasted so publicly. I have already explained to you about my diminished metabolism which causes even the smallest indulgence in fatty foods to go straight to my flabby arms. I thought my confession to you would provoke sympathy, but I see now that it was only mirth you felt when you read my words.

It is frankly a breach of my privacy to post such things as private letters to your channel. I have already acquired the services of a lawyer who will shortly be contacting you to discuss your options in this matter. If, upon receipt of this letter, you pull another stunt similar to the last, we will have no choice but to escalate the matter to YouTube itself. Termination of your channel could certainly be a possible outcome.

That all being said, I would very much appreciate it if another video were made of my most recent game. You do good work, even if I do not agree with some of your methods. You will find a check for $2,500 enclosed.


-Jared Dudley

P.S. Drew Gooden is way fatter than me”

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