Gorgui Dieng 20 Points Full Highlights (12/20/2015)

Karl-Anthony Towns tentatively approached Gorgui Dieng, who was sitting at his locker, listening to a leak of Kanye’s upcoming album to get himself ready for the game. Karl motioned for Gorgui to take out his earbuds, which he did. He then looked blankly at the rookie, slightly annoyed at the interruption.

“Uh, Gorgui, I was talkin’ to Zach, and he said you have real good Africal-style wisdom for rookies? Cause I need some wisdom real bad right now. I don’t know how to deal with this, man, coming back home to play basketball.”

Gorgui nodded. “Yes, I have been known to dispense tidbits of knowledge to those willing to listen. Though I seem to remember Zach not paying heed to my words. Perhaps I will withhold for now.”

Karl clasped his hands together. “Please, man, I promise to listen real good. Pinkie swear?” He unclasped his hands and held out his pinkie finger.

Gorgui made a dismissive gesture. “No need. I trust you. Problems with homecoming? I have story for that. It is called ‘Tall Giraffe and the Short Tree’. Please, sit with me.” Gorgui and Karl sat cross-legged on the floor, and then Gorgui began to talk.

“A long time ago, the savannah was ruled by a coalition of animals, before humankind walked the earth and meddled with the natural order of things. Topmost among animals was the mighty giraffe, long-necked and wise. These were not giraffes of modern day; no, these giraffes where clad in black, so as to avoid detection from the nightspirits of the desert.

The leader of giraffes, called Mitubka, chosen because of his unsurpassed height, was one day sent on a journey far to the north, in search of a mythical water hole, said to be larger than all others and inexhaustible in its bounty. Being a humble king, he went, knowing that a success would lead to the prospering of all his people, and all animals of the savannah. He wandered for many months, and though he found many water holes, none were especially large.

With a sorrowful heart, he returned to his homeland, having failed in his quest. However, when he arrived, he was shocked to discover that his kind, the long-necked and wise giraffes, had mysteriously shrunk to a quarter of their size, and had their skin turned a pure white! And not only that, but the trees that they used to feed upon had shrunk with them. ‘The spirits have tricked me, and cursed my brethren!’ He exclaimed as he tried and failed to nibble at the leaves of a now tiny tree, all the while mocked by those he once called friends.

Having nothing to eat, and faced with the prospect of being a king without subjects to rule, he lay himself down on the ground and passed away, cursing the day he ever left his home.”

The two basketball players sat in contemplation for a while, before Karl hesitantly spoke.

“Uh, thanks Gorgui. That will really put my mind at ease. Well, gotta get ready for the game!”

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