Shabazz Muhammad 20 Points Full Highlights (1/4/2016)

The snow fell outside the window of the high-rise apartment. A dismal gray sky dulled the colors of the world. Shabazz Muhammad stared at these things and felt the loneliness grip his heart. He glanced over at his iPhone, wondering if he should call…no. He should not, could not be a dealer in false hope. His gaze returned to the window, and he felt more alone than ever in his life. Minutes passed very slowly.

Without stopping to consider his actions, Shabazz snatched his phone off the table and dialed the forbidden number. As soon as it started to ring, his brain pleaded him to hang up, but his heart pleaded the other side of the case.

The voice on the other end nearly made Shabazz’s heart cease its beating. “Hello. This is Alexey.”

Shabazz had to compose himself for a second before responding. “Hey Alexey. It’s Shabazz.”

Alexey’s joy could be heard over the thousands of miles separating them. “Friend Shabazz! It is so great for you to calling me! I just sitting here in my apartment watching gray sky and falling snow and feeling sad and lonely in my heart.”

Smiling, Shabazz answered. “I know that feeling, man. I was just calling to see if you wanted to hang out sometime.”

Sadness penetrated Alexey’s voice. “I love to, Shabazz, but only one problem. You in Minnesota and I in Russia. It is too far for us to hanging out.”

So Alexey had finally grasped the concept of distance. Perhaps that is why he had not yet called Shabazz this season. “I know that, dude. But, you know, we could still hang out over the phone. Or, you know, play some FIFA or something.”

“No game consoles here in Russia,” Alexey answered. “But to hanging out by talking over telephone, sound like much fun!”

Shabazz turned away from the window and got himself comfortable in his recliner. Around him were blankets and pillows, a safe cocoon of comfiness that he could lie in for hours. “So much has changed here in Minnesota, you wouldn’t believe…”

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