Shane Larkin 17 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/13/2016)

As I predicted would happen, Shane Larkin lost his starter’s job two games ago when Donald Sloan put up a gnarly 15/10 statline. However, Sloan did not play very well in either of the games he started, so I’m thinking that Larkin probably gets the job back at some point. It’s a pointless exercise, however, as neither of them is what you would call “starter material”. They’re not made out of “starter stuff”. You can shuffle them around in the lineup but at the end of the day it’s like rearranging trashcans at the dump.

Larkin SHOWED OUT against his former team, but he can’t play the Knicks every game, so he’ll probably go back to sucking starting next game. That really can’t happen soon enough because every time I make Larkin highlights, I get mad that he doesn’t use his prodigious vertical leap to throw down monster whams. He only uses it to propel his manlet body high enough to shoot over his defender. Curse whichever YouTube commenter it was who informed me that Larkin had a 44 inch vertical. Now everything he does is a disappointment.

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