Jason Smith 16 Points/8 Midrange Jumpers Full Highlights (1/14/2016)

If this was a fair world, Jason Smith would have scored at least 26 in this game and tied his career high. However, as our tragic human experience has repeatedly informed us, this is a decidedly UNFAIR world, and so Jason Smith scored 16 points in the first half and then failed to score any more points for the rest of the game.

I didn’t bother to investigate the shots that Smith was taking in the second half, but I have to assume that he somehow got away from his bread and butter, which is to pick-and-pop around eighteen feet out and then splash uncontested jumpers while Jonas Valanciunas makes poopies in his diaper. I see he attempted some threes, so that’s a mistake right there. Shooting from eighteen is a lot easier than shooting from 22.

More unfairness: I don’t have enough milk left to make hot chocolate with and I sure ain’t gonna make it with water like some kind of hobo. Who even wants to drink orange juice when it’s this cold?

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