Jonas Valanciunas 20 Points Full Highlights (1/24/2016)

In my last Jonas Valanciunas video I invited my viewers to take part in a quiz of my own invention. The description of that video contained these words: “Leave your answer in the comments section and be aware that if even one person answers incorrectly, I will never again post a Jonas Valanciunas video to my channel. Ever.”

I received three different answers to my quiz question. Given the nature of the quiz, not all of them can be correct. There was only one correct answer, which was answer C. So, it would seem that I must follow the decree I laid out in my previous video, my decree to never again post a Jonas Valanciunas video to my channel.

It’s a good thing that the video you’re watching now isn’t actually a Jonas Valanciunas video, despite a video title that would seem to identify it as such. No, dear viewer, this is in fact a distilled highlight package of the entire Clippers-Raptors game, containing what I deem to be the most pivotal and exciting baskets scored therein. If it seems like there is an unusually large volume of Valanciunas buckets, that’s just confirmation bias because you were expecting an entire video of them. If you somehow manage to squint past the obscuring veil of your misplaced expectations, you will find a video that is not biased in the slightest towards any one player or team.

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