De’Anthony Melton 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/11/2018)

When did the Suns sign Jawun Evans? When De’Anthony Melton passed to him for an assist and the commentator said “Evans on the pull-up”, I had no idea what was going on. My first thought was Jacob Evans, but he’s still on the Warriors (and sucking), and then I had no second thought because my brain ran into a segfault and had to spend 30 seconds rebooting.

This is disturbing because I pride myself on knowing all the NBA players. Not just the ones who play, but ALL of them. Stuff like this doesn’t usually escape my notice. If I missed this Evans signing, what else have I missed? Is everything I know about the current roster construction of all 30 NBA teams a lie? I don’t even have the “too many two-way contracts littering the league” excuse anymore, because it’s been a whole year since those were introduced.

Quick quiz time for Suns fans: which team is Suns legend Davon Reed playing for now? No cheating.

I don’t have much to say about Melton, other than that I’m really impressed at how he’s been stepping up in the absence of Devin Booker. He’s had some solid outings recently, has earned a starting gig, and his plus-minus was even positive in a few games even though the Suns have lost all but one of the games he’s appeared in this season.

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