Cory Joseph 19 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (1/3/2015)

It looks like the Spurs have found their backup point guard in Cory Joseph. However, his contract is up after this year, and they’ll have to pay him like one. Will they even bother? Patty Mills just landed a sweet new contract to be the backup. If they want to move Patty to SG ala JJ Barea, they can always find another PG in the draft. I can foresee Cory being forced onto the free agent market. This possibility seems so likely that I have even drafted a list of teams who could use his services:

-New York Knicks: How much longer can Pablo Prigioni possibly stay alive?
-Minnesota Timberwolves: Move LaVine to SG, get a scoring backup PG to compliment Rubio who cannot score except with women
-Charlotte Hornets: A battle between Cory Joseph and Brian Roberts for backup PG minutes would be the most hilarious thing ever
-Orlando Magic: The Magic keep making nonsensical moves and they’ve got a logjam at the guard positions, so signing Cory would be, in their words, “pure magic”.
-Los Angeles Lakers: If he signed there, a bunch of Laker fans would watch all my Cory Joseph videos and give them tons of views. They would also make ignorant comments about their playoff chances. A few of the stupidest ones would even make comments along the lines of “LOL who is this scrub?”
-DTB Household: I need somebody to play one-on-one with. I can pay up to $200 a year. Can somebody hook me up with Cory’s agent?

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