Gordon Hayward 36 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (1/18/2016)

One short of his career-high in points, which is 37, and one short of his career-high in assists, which is 10. Plus, his team lost. Can Gordon Hayward do anything right?

Don’t come at me with the whole “but he scored 36 and dished 9 dimes, accounting for a grand total of 54 of his team’s points” argument. No. Don’t even come at me with that weak garbage. Winners win. They do whatever it takes to win the game. Losers lose. They are content with putting up “good” stats in defeat. Guess which group Hayward belongs to?

There are definitely going to be some harsh words in the locker room after his embarrassing performance. If you can’t carry your team to a win, don’t expect them to carry you either.

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