Rudy Gobert 17 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2016)

How much more imposing is Rudy Gobert now that he has a collection of little bristly hairs on his chin and cheeks? Back when he was rocking a clean-shaven face, honestly he looked more like a pile of candle wax drippings than a basketball player. Now that Gobert looks like a human being, I imagine that opposing players are even less likely to challenge him in the paint than they were when he looked an alien-ghoul hybrid.

Having just made a Reggie Jackson video where Jackson goes directly at Gobert several times and then shoots floaters over him, my case for Gobert being more intimidating loses a little steam. However, you have to remember that Jackson himself looks like an alien so he’s not really phased by anything. Get it? “Phased”? Because aliens carry phaser guns? Come on. It’s a JOKE. You’re supposed to LAUGH.

Gobert could probably take his scariness factor one step further and get a bunch of evil-looking Stephen King-themed tattoos like his fellow Euro Miroslav Raduljica. Or maybe some Lovecraft tattoos. A whole torso covered with abominable depictions of Elder Gods would definitely make people think twice about trying to make a layup.

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